Afraid To File Back Taxes Returns? STOP THE WORRY + Former IRS, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Palm Beaches

Use Former IRS Agents and Managers who can get you back in the system worry free.


We are a local South Florida tax firm whose former IRS agents worked out of the local South Florida offices.

We’ve also worked out of the district and regional offices as managers, supervisors and teaching instructors. We have worked in the system since 1973 and are some of the top-notch experts for filing back tax returns in obtaining a settlement all at the same time.


You can file back file back tax returns and settle all at the same time why, because we know the system.

We have over 100 years of combined IRS experience and know the protocols and the systems to make this a very simple and affordable process.

With or without records we can file unfiled, back or late tax returns and settle your case all at the same time.


The bottom line is, we know the system.Since 1982 we have been working tax cases and prior to that we worked at the Internal Revenue Service as revenue officers, revenue agents, office orders, managers, supervisors and teaching instructors. We know the system inside and out and know the exact methodologies to close your case without worry.

Many taxpayers fail to file back tax returns because they are afraid of what IRS will do, but at some point in time IRS will demand that your tax returns be filed. After working thousands of cases we have found that after the first year, many taxpayers just bury their head in the sand hoping the problem will go away.

The IRS computer system

The taxpayer should know that IRS does not catch up to you in the first year but after IRS receives a W-2 or a 1099 the hunt starts. IRS has a multitude of resources to find out where you bank and were you work so it is in your best interest to make sure your tax returns are filed.

If you do not file the returns IRS has the right under 6020b of the Internal Revenue Code to file your tax returns for you. If they do you will pay the highest amount of tax by law.

Many people do not receive their 6020 B notice advising them that IRS created a tax assessment against them and wake up one day finding out that their wages have been garnished or their bank account has been levy or seized. Many times taxpayers move and leave no forwarding so the IRS is free to do what they wish to.

Other people do not file because they have lost their records  and now they’re stuck and have no idea what the next step is.

We have a unique way of reconstructing your tax return because of our experience at the IRS and knowing the formulas to complete tax return.

If someone has lost the records or cannot find all their records to complete your tax return with one call we can explain our process to you and get you back on the road to recovery to file all your back tax returns and work out a settlement all at the same time  without worry, fear, and anxiety from the Internal Revenue Service.

Once we file a power of attorney, the Internal Revenue Service is not allowed to contact you and all communications must go through our offices.

We are your insurance and best tax defense against the Internal Revenue Service.

How the IRS will work your open collection case.

If you will money to the Internal Revenue Service they will require a current financial statement on a form 433 a or 433F.

The Internal Revenue Service will want to see complete documentation on that form with copies of bank statements, pay stubs, expenses, before it makes a determination on how they will close your case.

As a general rule, the IRS has 3 closing buckets that they usually put you one.

IRS can either put you into:

1.currently non-collectible or hardship case which stays in the system for 1 to 3 years,

2.IRS may put you into an installment payment, or, could be settlement eligible for a settlement called an offer in compromise.

When you call us today for a free initial tax consultation we will walk you through the process to get your tax returns filed and settle your case all at the same time for affordable professional pricing.


Afraid To File Back Taxes Returns? STOP THE WORRY + Former IRS, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Palm Beaches



Do  you need CHRISTIAN representation for a state of Florida sales tax audit?     STOP THE WORRY NOW  +  CHRISTIAN TAX SERVICES COMPANY


Proverbs 19:20 Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.

Proverbs 19:20-NLT  Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.

1. Our eyes were meant to read God’s words and our ears were meant to hear it. There is no “wise counsel” apart from God and His Word for they are one.
2. The wise man listens to godly advice, accepts instruction, continually and proactively seeks out wise counsel.
3. Seeking godly counsel has many benefits. It not only gives us another set of eyes and ears but it buys us time to think of our options and not allow us to run on in our own way and make decisions that could be detrimental to our future.


Call us today for a free initial consultation and speak to former agents who know the truth and how to defend any federal or state tax audit. We know the systems, the methodologies, and the settlement formulas to give you the very best results possible.


Florida Sales Tax problems are causing a major concern for thousands of businesses in Florida. Call and let us fix your Sales Tax Problems.

We are the affordable Sales Tax Experts in the State of Florida composed of Florida Sales tax experts of CPA’s and Former Government Agents who specialize in Florida Sales Tax Issues and Problems.

We you Owe or have Sales Tax Audit Issues contact us for a free tax consults. We are Florida’s affordable choice. We have been in private practice since 1982.

With the economy in our country today, we are walking into a major problem. Literally thousands of businesses are having Sales Tax issues.

We are moving towards a situation never seen in Florida and the United States and the Florida Department of Revenue is not backing down one bit. Florida’s Department of Revenue is sending out more enforcement and audit notices than they have in their history.
Hiring a Florida Sales Tax Attorney can provide you with the highest level of expertise for Florida Sales Tax Problems.

If you have received a Notice or Letter from the Criminal Division the only person you should be speaking with is a competent and experienced Florida Sales Tax Attorney and no one else.

There are several steps that you can take to fix your Sales Tax Problem immediately. Some information you should know.


A Professional and Experienced Firm <><


We are a Florida wide tax firm  that consists  of Florida Sales Tax experts such as CPA’S, former IRS agents and former instructors who have worked hand in hand with the Florida’s Sales Tax and the Department of Revenue.

Over the past 37 years of private practice alone, we have settled thousands of government cases with successful results. We have an excellent track record and have the highest score in regards to the Better Business Bureau.

Our professionals are members of various National Organizations, have been keynote speakers on tax issues and are certified by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation to administer and teach other professionals in their continuing educational programs. We are the professionals professional.


Florida Sales Tax Problem Representation Issues

State of Florida sales tax representation includes the following matters with the Florida Department of Revenue:

• Tax audits on any and all sales tax issues and matters
• Non-filing matters
• Criminal investigations that are referred to attorneys that best fit your profile
• Department of Revenue enforcement action or warrant proceedings
• Stipulated time payments
• Requests for settlements or Compromise


Keys to resolving your Florida Sales Tax Problem


There are several keys to make sure your case is resolved timely. These keys are necessary on every case. The Department of Revenue is interested in resolving the cases in their system. The DOR goal is to close cases and get them out of their inventory.
Here are the keys necessary to stop enforcement action on your back taxes.

• Have all your tax returns filed before you call Florida Sales Tax and the Department of Revenue on your back tax issues.
• Be prepared to give the Department of Revenue a financial statement whether you are a hardship candidate, want an installment agreement or want to settle your case.
• Be prepared to give the Department of Revenue all supporting documentation to prove your financial statement.
• Make sure you are current on deposit requirements.


Are you being Audited by Florida DOR, Read Carefully


The State of Florida, Department of Revenue audit taxpayers to:
•     Enforce Florida tax laws uniformly.
•     Deter tax evasion.
•     Promote voluntary compliance.
•     Educate taxpayers.

As a general rule, the State of Florida Sales Division accepts most tax returns as filed, however they audit some returns to verify accuracy and evaluate compliance.
Florida Sales Tax Audits do not always result in the taxpayer owing additional tax, penalty or interest.
The auditor may adjust a credit carryover or correct distribution without assessing additional tax.  The auditor may even determine that a refund is due.


How Are Taxpayers Selected for Audit by the Florida Sales Tax Division

The methods for selecting a business or individual to audit vary from tax to tax.

Here are some examples of sources we use to identify a potential audit candidate:

•     Internal Revenue Service information.
•     Information sharing programs with other states and state agencies.
•     Computer-based random selection.
•     Analysis of Florida tax return information.
•     Business publications, periodicals, journals, and directories.


What Types of Records Will I Need to Provide to an Auditor or Inspector?

When we notify you of our intent to audit, we will also tell you what records you will need to provide.
The types of records may include, but are not limited to:

1.    General ledgers and journals

2.   Cash receipt and disbursement journals

3.   Purchase and sales journals

4.   Sales tax exemption or resale certificates

5.   Florida tax returns

6.   Federal tax returns

7.   Depreciation schedules

8.   Property records

9.   Other documentation to verify amounts entered on tax returns


You must keep your records for three years since an audit can extend back that far.  The Department may audit for periods longer than three years if you did not file, or filed a substantially incorrect return or payment.


Your Rights During an Sales Tax Audit?

The Florida Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights provides protection for taxpayers’ privacy and assets during their interactions with Revenue employees.

Your rights include:
•     The right to fair treatment.
•     The right to get available information and prompt, accurate responses to your questions.
•     The right to have the Department begin and complete its audit in a timely manner after we notify you of our intent to audit.
•     The right to get simple, nontechnical statements which explain the reason for audit selection and the procedures, remedies, and rights available during audit, appeals, and collection proceedings.


Can I Request Technical Assistance During the Audit?

When there are transactions or issues for which the tax consequences are questionable, you may ask for a written statement of our position any time during the audit. Our office of Technical Assistance and Dispute Resolution will issue a Technical Assistance Advisement (TAA), which is binding on the Department.
For more information, read “Requesting Advice During an Audit.”  We encourage you to use our Tax Law Library to research the issue before requesting technical assistance.


What Happens When the Audit is Complete?

After your audit is complete, you can review the audit findings and proposed changes to your tax liability.  The auditor will give you a copy of the work papers and explain your rights, including deadlines for filing protests.
If you agree with the audit findings, we expect you to pay the amount due in full.
You have the right to protest the proposed changes if you disagree with them.  “How to Pay Your Audit Assessment” has more details.


Self-Audit/Self-Analysis Tax Audits

The Department uses self-audit or self-analysis projects to educate taxpayers on issues related to a particular compliance problem or industry.  We send selected taxpayers information about a specific tax or issue, user-friendly instructions, and simple worksheets.  We ask them to review the materials, complete the worksheets, calculate any additional tax due, and return the paperwork to us with payment.

The auditor has limited contact with the taxpayer and does not visit the taxpayer’s location.
The Department usually accepts the taxpayer’s responses.  However, participation in a self-audit/self-analysis does not exempt the taxpayer from further audit review of the same time period.


How to stop Florida Sales Tax collection enforcement on your back taxes sales tax

• Contact the Department of Revenue on your back tax problem as soon as you become aware of the situation or receive a letter.
• Let a professional tax company contact Florida Sales Tax before they start to take enforcement action and file warrants and or make this a criminal case.
• Utilize the settlement program to reduce your tax debt, if you qualify.


Call us today for a free initial tax consultation and let us take the worry out of your tax situation. We have been practicing since 1982 are A+ rated by the BBB.Please feel free to ask us about our faith when you call and as the Scripture says it is always best to get godly counsel. Whether you use our firm or not speak to true Christians who have your best interest IN MIND.

Always hire a company that has a tremendous sense of moral value.<><