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Hear the truth. We are “A” Plus  Rated by the Better Business Bureau and are without one complaint.

We are rated one of the nation’s best IRS Problem Solver Firms.

As former IRS Agents, we taught tax law at the IRS.

We were certified instructors at the IRS.

Who better to work your case and solve your IRS problem?

We are comprised of Board Certified Tax Attorneys, CPA’s and former IRS Agents and Managers who have over 60 years of direct work experience at the IRS in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS.

We have been Revenue Agents, Revenue Officers, Appeals Agents, and Tax Specialists and have Tax Attorneys and CPA’s on staff to handle all IRS Tax Problems.

It only makes sense if you have an IRS problem to call Former IRS Agents.


Our areas of tax expertise to solve your IRS Problem and settle your back taxes.


Areas of Professional Tax Practice:


• Same Day IRS Tax Representation
• Offers in Compromise or IRS Tax Debt Settlements
• Release of IRS Bank Levies or IRS Wage Garnishments
• Tax Relief from an IRS Bill, Letter or Notice of “Intent to Levy”
• IRS Tax Audits
• IRS Hardships Cases or Unable to Pay
• Payment Plans, Installment Agreements, Structured Agreements
• Abatement of Penalties and Interest
• State Sales Tax Cases
• Payroll / Trust Fund Penalty Cases / 6672
• Filing Late, Back, Unfiled Tax Returns
• Tax Return Reconstruction if tax records are lost or destroyed
• FBAR Cases
• Expatriate Tax Cases
• Back tax settlements
• IRS Problem Solvers

Our Company Resume: (Since 1982)


• Our staff has collectively over 205 years of Professional IRS Tax Representation Experience.
• On staff; Board Certified Tax Attorney’s, IRS Tax Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, and Enrolled Agents,
• We taught Tax Law in the IRS Regional Training Center
• Former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors with over 60 years experience in the local, district and regional IRS offices.
• Highest Rating by the Better Business Bureau  “A”
• Fast, affordable, and economical
• Licensed and certified to practice in all 50 States
• Nationally Recognized Published Former IRS Agent
• Nationally Recognized Published EZINE Tax Expert
• As heard on REACH FM and WAY FM
• FBAR and Expatriate Tax Expert