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Passport Revocation Help Using Former IRS Agent Who Know The System

If you need your passport call us asap.  We are former IRS Agent who know the IRS system.   If you have seriously delinquent tax debt, the law authorizes the IRS to certify that debt to the State Department for action. The State Department generally will not issue a passport to you after receiving certification ...
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What Is The Effective Tax Administration Offer ?

The Effective Tax Administration Offer   Many of you wanted to know more about this type of OIC.   From the IRS I have taken excerpts and examples, enjoy (10-04-2019) It is mainly based on a Economic Hardship When a taxpayer’s liability can be collected in full but collection would create an economic hardship, an ETA offer based ...
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 Christian Tax Experts For IRS Payroll Tax Problems/ Trust Fund Penalty

 Christian tax experts in tax problems with the IRS & State.<><   We have over 100 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service and the local, district, and regional tax offices of the IRS. Immediate free tax consultations from true Christian tax professionals on all IRS Problems.   How do you discern solid ...
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Contact Former IRS Agents + Revenue Officers, Appeals Agents, Revenue Agent, IRS Auditors

We are a Team of Former IRS agents who have worked in a variety of positions at the Internal Revenue Service. Since 1982. We are a tax firm specializing in all IRS Problems. We specialize in all areas of  Internal Revenue Service help except for criminal cases. We are former revenue officers, revenue agents, appellate ...
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IRS Trust Fund Penalty Defense, Former IRS Agent Help + Michael D. Sullivan

How to Defend the IRS Trust Fund Penalty, Former IRS Agents   954-328-3501   As a former IRS agent and teaching instructor with the Internal Revenue Service I have worked well over 750 trust fund cases.   I have been on both sides of the fences, for the Internal Revenue Service as a former IRS ...
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